Russia Cuts Europe Gas Supplies

So how do the Europeans feel about their fracking bans today?

The Wall Street Journal reports:

Russian natural gas supplies to Europe were curtailed for a third straight day Friday as particularly cold winter weather increased Russia’s domestic demand, hitting flows to a number of European Union countries.

“There has been a decrease in gas deliveries,” Marlene Holzner, a spokeswoman for EU Energy Commissioner Guenther Oettinger told reporters. “Russia needs more gas itself, they are having an extremely cold winter”…

8 thoughts on “Russia Cuts Europe Gas Supplies”

  1. You are correct. The USA is a STOREHOUSE of UN-TAPPED Energy, we could/SHOULD be an OPEC-nation, and if we were, the Dollar would be SOUND, and un-challanged. The “joke” to Nobama, is that all his programs would have been paid-for by the “Bloom” of USA energy, if he wasn’t dedicated to increasing HIS power by repressing Our economy. The Globalists don’t want that(–the US strong, solvent), so Nobama, His EPA, and other Globalists, are TRYING to keep our storehouse, locked, and off-limits to you and I. England is becoming increasingly Muslim. Knowing of their brothers supplying the EU, wouldn’t English Muslims start fracking as the way to stretch the Pound(–English “dollar”), assuming…the Muslims will REPRESS the Greens (–who have utter CONTEMPT for ANY religion, and would NOT want any independent English gas, as that might prevent purchases of Russian gas). I think the Greens are an ARM of Russian Gas policy, repressing German Coal & Nukes, so the Germans demand more expensive Russian gas. I think Russian gas supplies are being turned-down, to whet the demand for it, at a higher price. The Poles and the Dutch ARE going to build Nukes, and the Poles are also going to frack, who may then supply Germany from Polish gas, if Polish Greens don’t derail them. I hope the Normally “sensible” Germans will look at the freezing-over of the EU, NOW, and reject the Greens and their covert, Russian-gas advocacy.

  2. Being dependent on foreign sources for the energy we need is most absurd, as the US has the most abundant equivalent barrels of oil, petroleum, coal and natural gas, than any other nation, and CO2 is indeed the gas of life, not a pollutant.

    Russia either provides or has control of at least 80% of all of the natural gas used in Europe. England could, by fracting, be completely independent of foreign sources of natural gas for at least the next 70 years.

    “We have met the enemy, and he is us.” Pogo the Possum.

  3. This problem is hardly confined to Europe. Obama (the man who invented fracking and horizontal drilling during HIS administration) continues to stall all American energy sources, we will become more dependent on hostile foreign sources, like Europe.

  4. As the Russians curtail gas exports to Europe, the Iranians consider stopping oil exports to Europe. I would say European governments have a real problem.

  5. My grandmother once told me that a guilty conscience is a very expensive self-indulgence.
    As long as Europe feels guilty about the imagined possibilities of breaking up rocks by remote control from thousands of feet above them, they will be paying premium prices for their petrochemical fuels.
    They have become the victims of their own guilt.

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