Greens reject biofuels

Friends of the Earth are not friends of biofuels.

The Wall Street Journal reports:

…However, less than three years after adopting a key law—which mandates that by 2020, 10% of the total energy used in transport will have to come from renewable sources such as biofuels—a tough debate has begun in the EU on whether biofuels really are better for the climate than conventional fuels.

On Thursday, the environmental organization Friends of the Earth Europe urged the EU to scrap its 2020 target, saying it would cost consumers as much as €126 billion without helping the climate.

“Europe’s squeezed consumers and taxpayers are paying the price for a flawed green policy that delivers no environmental benefits,” said Robbie Blake, a campaigner with the group…

4 thoughts on “Greens reject biofuels”

  1. Hey, just because FOE was right at the tip of the spear promoting the bogus eco-benefits of biofuels doesn’t mean they want to be blamed for the fiscal and political fiasco that results from actual implementation of their prescribed policy! Geez man, did you think these A-holes had scrupples?

  2. No, Tom, they’ve just decided to demonize another energy source. Have you read Milloy’s book, Green Hell? Activists are against nearly everything, including its alternatives. Friends of the Earth is one of the worst offenders.

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