Roundup: House Hearing on EPA Mercury Air Rules

A smashing success for the House Energy and Commerce Committee. Republicans are finally catching on as to how to conduct a hearing.

Check out these highlights:

One thought on “Roundup: House Hearing on EPA Mercury Air Rules”

  1. All bluster and no action out of Congress yet again.

    EPA is merely following the directives of the CAAA of 1990 (thanks GHWB). Or, at least their extreme interpretation of it. Had WJC done his job or GWB done his job, we would not be in this mess (at least not this badly). So, along comes BHO who will leverage anything he can to bring evil capitalism under central control.

    Perhaps the pending lawsuits against CSAPR and MATS will prevail. But I doubt it. The “reasonable and appropriate” clause appears all that could be leveraged. But how to communicate an argument to unscientific justices? Hell, the environmental expert justices allowed the most ridiculous EPA Endangerment Finding as scientific. It does not get any worse than that.

    BHO has outsmarted Congress once again.

    Better lucky than intelligent.

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