Climate change a political hot potato for presidential candidates

“They believe that addressing climate change will require government action, or even worse, intergovernmental action.”

Public Radio International reports:

Back in 2008, climate change was an issue Sen. John McCain and then-Sen. Barack Obama mostly agreed on. It was real and needed to be dealt with. Today, it’s an issue that Obama and his Republican challengers agree shouldn’t be talked about. Thus are the politics of climate change in a time of economic stagnation…

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3 thoughts on “Climate change a political hot potato for presidential candidates”

  1. MR and NG have been awfully flaky about AGW and natural resources, of all kinds, not just oil and gas. RS has the guts to say it like it is. That is why I have stated before that I am very skeptical about about MR and NG. When it comes to the n*tcutting they probably won’t pass the test.

  2. Obama likes to change the subject to clean v dirty. Santorum is the only one willing to talk about climate change because the others are afraid to get involved in a religious controversy.

  3. Santorum, a Republican candidate, is talking about it, and calls it a “hoax”. Maybe NPR doesn’t listen to the news.

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