Rinehart grabs for media control

You go, girl.

GreenLeft reports:

She’s proposed nuclear explosions for open-cut mining, funded tours by climate deniers and called for bringing in cheap migrant labour to work her mines.

Now Australia’s richest person, Gina Rinehart, has bought the largest individual stake in Fairfax Media, which runs the Sydney Morning Herald, The Age and the Australian Financial Review, plus various radio stations and regional papers.

In 2010, Rinehart bought herself a seat on the Channel 10 board when she paid $166 million for a 10% stake in the television station.

Her expansion from mining baron to media mogul is most likely not a financial decision. Rinehart is spending less than 1% of her wealth on Fairfax, and media is far less profitable than mining.

An online video first posted on YouTube by the free market Mannkal Foundation helps explain Rinehart’s move. The video shows prominent climate denier “Lord” Christopher Monckton in a meeting hosted by Mannkal in July last year.

Monckton told the audience they should encourage “super rich” backers to invest in a Fox News-style media for Australia. He said: “Frankly, whatever you do at a street level … is not going to have much of an impact compared with capturing an entire news media.”

He said setting up an Australian version of Fox News “would be a breakthrough and give to Australia a proper dose of free market thinking”…

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One thought on “Rinehart grabs for media control”

  1. GreenLeft is crying poor by mentioning Gina Rinehart and Lord Monckton’s attempt to recruit “super rich” backers to become part of the “Skeptics”. Are they not aware, that the green movement has numerous billionaires and multi-millionaires,,who fund their zealous agenda? The ex-chairman of the U.S. EPA. Ruckelshaus, Richard Branson (one of the biggest polluter of our air), Al Gore, George Soros and many more, all contribute to the brain-dead ideology of AGW. Soros is funding a rabid group of activists, who call themselves “GetUp” and who has been targeting the Fairfax group to not allow Mrs. Gina Rinehart’s bid for a place on the board of that company. We are supposed to live in a democracy and not under a dictatorship and free speech should always be the most important part of our society.
    Fairfax, like the Guardian, B.B.C., A.B.C. and other oversesas media-outlets, have been found out to be mouth-pieces for LeftWing/Green propaganda and especially those media-outlets, which receive most of their incomes from tax-payers’ funds, should always abide to the rule of unbias. But sofar, they have lacked the integrity and thus, GreenLeft why are you so worried about the truth being aired on our t.v.’s and in the news-papers? Are you so afraid, that more viewers and readers can decide, which side of the debate will make more sense, who is right or who is wrong? The trend of LeftWing bias already shows in our schools, where teachers are warning their young students about AGW, while young children should learn the 3 R’s instead of politics. They will soon grow up anyway and then can make up their own minds about religions, ideologies etc. and they should not be brain-washed, like during the communist era, which sofar has caused more, than 110 lives! Let children be children as long as possible and do not pervert their innocent minds. It is long overdue, that a person like Mrs. Rinehart, changes the prevalent bias at Fairfax and brings some balance of opinions.
    As for “super rich”, one only has to see the expensive ships, which groups like Greenpeace and the one who owns “Seashepherd”, with their high-tech. facilities and realise, that the Green groups are
    not poor at all and I have questioned our Green Party on a number of occasions, why the true “Greens” do not follow their own preaching of not polluting the air and build wooden ships from dead trees, instead of utilising the products which come from the mining-industry. They so much detest our mining-industry, but are all too happy to ride in SUVS. use huge jumbo-jets, have gadgets like cell-phones, t.v.’s, computers, microwave ovens etc. etc. and then dare to tell the “masses” not to pollute! They truly believe, that they are the elite, that have the right to pollute and not us. And that’s why they make me sick in my stomach. There is only one word for them: “hypocrites”!

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