Rinebold: Energy from shale gas can fuel U.S. recovery

No wonder the greens oppose it.

Joel Rinebold writes in Hartford Business:

… Shale gas provided less than two percent of the total U.S. natural gas production in 2001; it now is approaching 30 percent, with some estimates that potential resources could last 95 years based on existing consumption rates. The long-term abundance of this natural gas has promise to lower fuel costs for heating, electric generation, industrial processes, and transportation. Indeed, we are already seeing a reduction in electric energy rates as a result of lower cost generation fueled with natural gas…

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2 thoughts on “Rinebold: Energy from shale gas can fuel U.S. recovery”

  1. But if the RESULT…is SHALE GAS(shouting!), and , carbon-capture, wind, & solar(–whisper, whisper), maybe he will BAM-BOOZLE the GREEN-Meanie-weenies, in the short-term. For the long-term, carbon-capture, wind, & Solar, must NOT be generating all our power, or it WILL be rationed, and THAT is definitely Verboten! I find most “Greens” are very RED…inside. “Watermelons”, I think, though not nearly as good as the fruit, because the Fruit does NOT come up with specious and elaborate LIES, with which to “Tax-away” our substance! After about 75 years of those 95, we will have come up with a WILL to mine & crack coal, producing clean Hydrogen. As gas is in constant production, gas is nearly in-exhaustible. Oil is a distillate of gas, so oil…is nearly in-exhaustible. Way far off, we’ll get energy from deuterium-fusion. Warming via bodies and other will NOT be a problem, because millions can go live in places like “L-5”, where there’s limitless free enegy

  2. Not impressed. A 95-year supply isn’t much, especially when compared to coal, and other estimates of the gas supply are much higher. The author believes in carbon capture, and sees a future in wind and solar.

    Either he’s pandering, or he’s some odd shade of green.

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