Report: How the ‘windfarms increase climate change’ myth was born

A University of Illinois windfarm researcher responds to how his paper was reported in the media and on the internet.

The Guardian reports:

Such is the viral nature of information flow on the internet, we can sometimes see myths and memes developing before our very eyes. Just such an example has occurred over recent days with the rather irresistible news that windfarms can “increase climate change”.

The article that really gave this idea a push online was published on Sunday evening on the Daily Mail’s website. It was delivered with the headline: “Wind farms can actually INCREASE climate change by raising temperatures and causing downpours, warn academics.”

Somewhat predictably, that headline quickly attracted attention and was being disseminated with particular gusto on climate sceptic sites such as Climate Depot and JunkScience…

Read the entire report.

One thought on “Report: How the ‘windfarms increase climate change’ myth was born”

  1. Sounds rediculous doesn’ t it? Well That’s the kind of bizarre crap the climate denialists have been having to put up with for years coming from the alarmist side. Just last week someone claimed that anthropogenic claimte change caused the Arab spring, had nothing to do with an oppressive regime, it was climate change yea.

    Deniers have been hearing this for so long we don’t even notice anymore. Now the alarmists can get a taste of their own medicine.

    Here are a few of them

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