Colorado Wind RINOS: Scott Tipton, Cory Gardner

Tipton and Gardner need to get with the clean energy hostage strategy.

Environment and Energy Daily reports:

Two Colorado Republicans yesterday joined their state’s Democratic lawmakers in backing a wind tax credit set to expire at year’s end, underscoring the degree to which the swing state has become a political asset to renewable-power groups pushing for its extension.

In a letter to bipartisan leaders of conference committee talks on a payroll tax-cut deal, which is mired in political combat despite some Democrats’ hopes to make it a vehicle for clean-energy tax extenders, seven Colorado lawmakers urged that the wind production tax credit (PTC) get new life beyond its scheduled demise.

“Since its inception, the wind PTC has driven economic growth across the nation, including substantial growth in Colorado,” the state’s Democratic senators, Mark Udall and Michael Bennet, wrote alongside Reps. Diana DeGette (D), Ed Perlmutter (D), Scott Tipton (R), Cory Gardner (R) and Jared Polis (D) in their letter…

Read Steve Milloy’s Washington Times commentary “Clean Energy Hostages.”

One thought on “Colorado Wind RINOS: Scott Tipton, Cory Gardner”

  1. Unfortunately, we are inundated with ‘renewable energy’ crap here. I live in west Arvada and within 18 miles of me, most much closer than that, we have NCAR, NREL, NOAA, and several solar companies, including the one right down the street that Obama’s lackey visited a couple of months ago. I can see the experimental windfarm from my house, it looms over the landscape and mountain backdrop.

    If you drive down Kipling south of us, you now get to drive within a few feet of the Federal Center’s new solar farm, right next to the road and ugly as sin.

    I’m not surprised Tipton and Gardner joined the bandwagon. It’s just more pork for their constituents, most of whom don’t care what party is in charge and long as they get their share of the winnings.

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