Report: Extreme weather tied to climate change

“Enough water to cover the entire United States to a depth of one-and-a-half feet..”

Fox-31 (Denver) reports:

Two records were set in Denver: first, the 12.5 inches of snowfall on Feb. 3 set a new daily snowfall record for that date; second, the storm’s total snowfall of 15.9 inches set a record as the heaviest snowfall in the month of February since 1912.

Climate researchers in Colorado are investigating whether this record snowfall and other extreme weather events might be part of a bigger change in weather patterns.

“We’ve never had a storm so heavy,” said Bob Henson, referring to the February snowfall record. Hansen is a meteorologist for the National Center for Atmospheric Research in Boulder.

Calling it “weather on steroids,” scientists say two new studies point to climate change…

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3 thoughts on “Report: Extreme weather tied to climate change”

  1. I would love to be able to go to Vegas and place and collect on a wager the way these AGW folks are doing their theories. No matter what the outcome, they say that’s what their original wager was all about.

  2. So, nothing changed since 1912 and it’s the fault of climate change. “Studies on steroids.”

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