‘Hoax’ too close to home for alarmists

Rick Santorum’s use of “hoax” to describe global warming alarmism makes the alarmists squirm.

Worried about the stickiness of the “hoax” term, English major Chris Mooney tries painting Santorum as a conspiracy theorist in “Santorum Calls Global Warming a “Hoax,” Suggesting a Full-Fledged Climate Conspiracy Theory.”

4 thoughts on “‘Hoax’ too close to home for alarmists”

  1. If conservatism means resistance to change, then why is Santorum going against the trend and speaking out against the hoax? And how does that make him a conspiracy theorist? Well, that’s because Mooney thinks Santorum ‘must be’ one. And Mooney bills himself as an expert on ‘science journalism’. Good gosh.

  2. I’ve never liked “hoax” as a descriptor of the AGW fraud. It just doesn’t convey its nefarious purpose within the EnviroCommies agenda.

  3. What do you call it when a bunch of like-minded believers pretend scientific proof while ignoring scientific method to get you to do something drastic? And does it matter if the snake oil guy tells you that he believes it’s good for you anyway?

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