Politico still trying to undermine Romney with past energy subsidies

For at least the third time, Politico tries undermining Romney with conservatives by spotlighting Romney’s Massachusetts record.

Politico reports today:

Republicans are pounding Barack Obama on Solyndra, but it may be a complicated argument for their front-runner to maintain: While Mitt Romney was governor, Massachusetts also picked some winners and losers with energy subsidies…

Politico first tried this last October and then again just a few weeks ago.

Our view on Romney’s track record is:

  • ABO. Anybody is better than Obama.
  • The situation has changed. Regardless of whatever Romney did in Massachusetts nine years ago, it is now 2012, our economy is in the toilet and there is no need to pander to Massachusetts Democrats.
  • Rollback pledge. Romney pledged last night to rollback all Obama’s job-killing regulations (presumably that includes Obama EPA regulations).

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