Coal industry wants answers from Chesapeake on anti-coal funding

“I think the public needs to know when they hear information from the Sierra Club, or the American Lung Association, this is the natural gas industry talking.”

The State-Journal (WV) reports:

At a meeting of the West Virginia Coal Association Friday morning, Kentucky and Ohio industry officials called for answers as to why a natural gas company has been funneling money to groups who are fighting the coal industry on environmental and health grounds.

Bill Bissett, president of the Kentucky Coal Association, spent the last few minutes of his presentation to West Virginia coal miners and industry executives discussing his disgust with Chesapeake Energy for their funding of anti-coal campaigns.

Bissett pointed out that the American Lung Association has come out against the coal and oil industries, but has left the natural gas industry alone. The American Lung Association has received some funding for its Clean Air Initiative from Chesapeake. Scott Rotruck, Chesapeake’s vice president of corporate development and state government relations, serves on the American Lung Association board.

After the presentation, Bissett also pointed to $26 million the Sierra Club received from the natural gas industry. Bissett said Chesapeake’s action was incredibly inappropriate…

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4 thoughts on “Coal industry wants answers from Chesapeake on anti-coal funding”

  1. Not just the coal industry either. They are key to the ‘fine particulate’ sample being abused as a singular toxin to be regulated by the 1990 Clean Air Act. Bans, alerts focus more obviously on the actual ‘burning’ element than the emissions. They do not assess their certified appliance technology against atmospheric variants that cause negative exhaust pressure and have always made appliances more polluting. They focus on social marketing campaigns that move the consumer entirely from the self-sufficient, sustainable and efficient fuel instead. Ventilation technology above the conventional, enclosed – airtight, double burner wood stove. Their testing for appliances was almost certainly designed originally to pass one type of stove – the catylitic. That didn’t work as well as they’d hoped so they used the same test to approve non-cats. At no point in this testing are variants in atmosphere and the issues of negative pressure addressed. That real world affect is the possible Archille’s heal. Social marketers, PR trained epidemiologists, shock economists and environmentalists focus on their failing credibility and onerous green/ clean branded market, ignorant of the effects that phasing wood heating out has on the lower economic sphere. Especially in times we are now talking about ‘Resilience’ as well as ‘Sustainability’. It’s public spending, gross assumption and optimism in social marketing/ advertising strategy to influence people’s energy choices. On some of these extreme weather warning pollution days they only want citizens increasing electricity and natural gas/ propane demand. It has little, in reality to do with health.

  2. Wouldn’t be interesting to know how each part accounted the insert money in their accounting books?-following vnzppr wonders…

  3. Beautiful. Those that erroneously accuse deniers and others of being the pockets of big oil are themselves in the pockets of the energy industry.

  4. The Sierra club is a whore for anyone with a dollar, so this isn’t surprising. I do question the wisdom of a natural gas company funding a group of environmentalist hacks who’s only interest is to drag this country back to the Stone Age. There’s more going on here then meets the eye!

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