Physician group questions smart meters

Privacy and electricity rationing, not safety, are the problems with smart meters.

The Portland Tribune reports:

A Kansas physicians’ group is questioning the safety of wireless smart meters, which have been installed at area homes by Portland General Electric.

The American Academy of Environmental Medicine recently sent a letter to the California Public Utilities Commission, arguing that “chronic exposure to wireless radio frequency radiation is a preventable environmental hazard.” The Wichita-based group is calling for a moratorium on installation of wireless smart meters in homes and schools.

PGE disputes those safety concerns…

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4 thoughts on “Physician group questions smart meters”

  1. The only thing I don’t understand is why the power company needs wireless, when the hard wire network can transfer data as well. Is it concern that the power might fail?

  2. And that is why having solar panels, a (large) battery bank, and a backup dual fuel generator is a good idea if you can manage it. As I tell whoever will listen, it’s not about being eco-friendly-green or conserving or saving the planet. Rather it’s about cost leveling and control. Having you own power supply means that you control it. And that means that you’re not at the mercy of the various sociopaths in suits, callow politicians, foreign dictators, and garden variety nuts-with-bombs that seem to infest the sociopolitical landscape lately.

    Does it cost more that being tied to the grid. In a word, yes. And I advocate having the system grid-tied for as long as is advantageous economically. However, the split second they – the ethereal “they” – attempt to jerk you around, that same system affords you the option of doing something other than sitting there feeling helpless and put upon, or hoping that implorings and letter writing might change their minds.

    Call the above an alternate view of solar power. not as an environmental issue but rather as one of personal control.

    Just a thought.


  3. With potentially deadly consequences. For example, they could cut off your
    electricity, hence air conditioner, during a heat wave. Your dying for their
    cause is just fine to them.

  4. The American Academy of Environmental Medicine cannot point to a single case of adverse health effects from “chronic exposure to wireless radio frequency radiation”.
    On the other hand the use of wireless meters is *intended* to monitor individual activity within the presumptive privacy of one’s own home, with the *declared* goal of punishing those who engage in activity deemed (by some remote bureaucrat) to be unacceptable.

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