Greenpeace: University trustees are among ‘biggest climate criminals on the planet’

Greenpeacers get arrested for breaking the law but call others “criminals.”

Greenpace execuive director Phil Radford writes in “Cut Ties to ‘Climate Criminals’” in the Washington University of St. Louis student newspaper:

I truly emerged as an environmental leader as a student at Wash. U. when Newt Gingrich, as leader of the House of Representatives, threatened many of America’s hard-won protections for the environment, worker and our civil rights.

As a Wash. U. student, like many of you, I took Professor Lowry’s Energy and Environment class as well as worked hard to make the university greener (by removing the use of Styrofoam on campus).

Wash. U. has come a long way. Today, the idea of serving food in Styrofoam containers is something neither Wash. U. nor Bon Appétit would even consider. The campus does not sell bottled water and even has an organic garden.

But one important thing must happen before I can be proud to tout the environmental achievements of my alma mater. Wash. U. must immediately and unequivocally cut its ties with Arch Coal and Peabody Energy—multi-national coal corporations that are destroying our communities and the health of our planet, and causing catastrophic climate change.

These corporations, whose CEOs sit on our board of trustees and fund research on our campus (CCCU), are some of the biggest climate criminals on the planet…

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4 thoughts on “Greenpeace: University trustees are among ‘biggest climate criminals on the planet’”

  1. Phil Radford is also the guy who bragged about getting Senator John McCain to switch over to the AGW side, see

    And I mentioned Radford’s ties to the long-term smear of skeptic scientists right here at JunkScience: “Monumental fault in manmade global warming notion hiding in plain sight”

  2. Do these activists really want to return to heat by wood fires, light by tallow candles and cooling by open shutters?
    (And forty-five year life expectancy?)

  3. Radford’s education at Wash. U. has some gaps.
    The squeaking wheel may get the grease, but it is also the first to get replaced.
    The dog that bites the hand that feeds it is the first to be put down.

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