Norway suspends funds to WWF pending embezzlement investigations

Chris Dodd just joined the World Wildlife Foundation’s board!

The Daily News (Tanzania) reports:

FUNDING to two projects being implemented by World Wildlife Fund for Nature (WWF) in Tanzania has been suspended by the Royal Norwegian government pending investigations into embezzlement.

Norwegian Embassy Advisor, Mr Simon Milledge told the ‘Daily News’ on Tuesday that reports of fund mismanagement were revealed by the WWF last December. At the centre of the matter are two projects, one of which is Strengthening Capacity of Environmental civil society Organizations, worth over 25 million Norwegian Kroners (approx. 7bn/-) signed in April 2008…

Read the entire report.

One thought on “Norway suspends funds to WWF pending embezzlement investigations”

  1. Setting up NGOs in Tanzania and giving them fake jobs is clearly embezzlement of Norwegian public funds. It doesn’t take an accounting firm to figure that out.

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