Winning! JunkScience forces Emanuel to disclose insurance employers

Nature responds to our complaint.

Based on a request for investigation from, Nature has forced MIT’s Kerry Emanuel to disclose his employment with insurance companies as a conflict of interest.

In the Feb. 14 Nature Climate Change study “Physically based assessment of hurricane surge threat under climate change,” of which Emanuel is a co-author, the “Additional Interests” section disclosed:

The authors declare no competing financial interests. However, in the interests of transparency we confirm that one of us, Kerry Emanuel, is on the boards of two property and casualty companies: Homesite and Bunker Hill, and also on the board of the AlphaCat Fund, an investment fund dealing with re-insurance transactions. In all three cases, Dr Emanuel receives fixed fees but owns no stocks or shares. Dr Emanuel does not stand to make any personal financial gain through these directorships as a consequence of the reported findings.

There was obvious reluctance in the disclosure from the wording (“no competing financial interests” even though insurance companies are gaming global warming alarmism) to the fact that, despite our asking, we had to find out about the disclosure on our own initiative — i.e., after our initial exchange with Nature, the journal editors stopped communicating with us.

Links to the Emanuel saga are below:

9 thoughts on “Winning! JunkScience forces Emanuel to disclose insurance employers”

  1. Sweat! Keep up the great work! Everyone should send a personal thank you to Emanual for raising the cost of insurance for every American and others world wide…… what a scumbag.

  2. When do the racketeering laws start being applied? Those hiding behind the ‘science’ cloak should be forewarned. Thieves and green fraudsters won’t have Eric Holders dishonesty and selective incompetence to hide behind much longer.

  3. Great work!

    Unsurprising that the prestigious journal would break off communication with, then grudgingly do the right thing. I’m so glad you published this piece. I hope they (alarming alarmists) are suitably chastened, but I somehow doubt it. Those boys and girls got no shame.

  4. It looks like Kerry Emanual is a globalist-warmist, imo. I can’t wait until they self-deport themselves. Millions of Americans know Emanual is no scientist, if he’s a warmist, imo. I’m PROUD to be an American who is a DENIER!

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