Motl: Heartland Institute and skepticism: is that a scandal?

“The only detailed information that went beyond my – and public – knowledge was the insight that a single generous and wealthy anonymous donor contributed $8.6 million to the Heartland’s climate causes… If she or he happens to be reading these lines, she or he may notice that a piglet to donate via PayPal is at the bottom.

Luboš Motl writes:

…Needless to say, those activists would love to ban anyone from paying a penny for anything to the folks who are climate skeptics. In this sense, the climate activists are identical to the Nazis and their attitude to the Jews. I am using this comparison because it’s true and important so let me say in advance, give me a break with suggestions that I shouldn’t be making such comparisons.

We’ve already seen alarmists who were dreaming and planning the death of skeptics – in very many contexts. The only reason why they haven’t realized those things in practice is that they couldn’t have gotten the required power. And they haven’t gotten the power because the public realizes that they’re unhinged radicals – in this sense, the Nazis looked more moderate than the climate alarmists which was a reason why they could get to the power around 1933.

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2 thoughts on “Motl: Heartland Institute and skepticism: is that a scandal?”

  1. Talk about burying the lede. Saying that the Nazi/Jew comparison is “true and important” does not make it true.

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