Briggs: Heartland Documents Leaked, Massaged, Faked

“And what about government funds? They’re in the billions and billions, as Carl Sagan might not have said.”

William Briggs writes:

First thing I did, after hearing that the Heartland Institute’s budget was leaked, was to pore through it looking for my name in the hopes of seeing how much moola I’d be in for. After all, rumor was that Big Oil was throwing money at Heartland. They must have designated to toss some of that largess my way. But it was just as I feared: nada.

This matches the amount I received last year, and the year before that, and the year…but you get the idea. This amount also matches—to the penny!—the totals I received from all other sources for my work even tangentially related to climatology.

I don’t want to say my feelings are hurt. But c’mon! Surely that series on how people fail to account for all sources of uncertainty in global & proxy temperature reconstructions was worth at least a six pack. I mean, other guys I know are getting about a hundred bucks a month. Or so the document claims.

Willie Soon, who was said to receive $125 a month, told me in an email that he never received this money. Well, don’t forget that the leaked Heartland budget is a projection for what they might spend in 2012…

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