Missouri Enviros Say Global Warming Caused Deadly Storms

Missouri enviros need to “show me” some science.

Missouri News Horizon reports:

A Missouri-based environmental group says global warming is to blame for extreme weather across the country and especially in Missouri.

A study by the group Environment Missouri finds that since 2006, every county in Missouri has experienced some kind of federal-level disaster related to weather extremes. WebsterCounty in southwest Missouri has been hit ten times during that period.

“Nearly all of Missouri’s six million residents have lived through extreme weather events in recent years, harming our economy and our public safety,” said Ted Mathys, a spokesman for the group. “So, given that global warming will more likely fuel more extreme weather, we need to cut dangerous carbon pollution now”…

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2 thoughts on “Missouri Enviros Say Global Warming Caused Deadly Storms”

  1. All of Missouri’s residents have lived through extreme weather events since Missouri had residents. But their argument might work on 12 year-olds from Missouri. Gaia hates Missouri because they drive a lot – or something bad like that.

    I’ll rate their claims as Undebunkworthy / Don’t give them any more attention.

    This enviroreligion might really take off if they just had a devil figure instead of having to blame Gaia all the time. The devil sells better too.

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