Embarrassing: House GOP wimps out at EPA budget hearing

Lisa Jackson wins again.

We were somewhat excited to hear Texas Rep. Joe Barton use his opening statement at today’s House Energy and Commerce hearing on the EPA 2013 budget to read EPA chief Lisa Jackson the riot act.

Barton denounced EPA science and cost-benefit analysis and the conflict of interest among the agency’s researchers and reviewers. He even waived a copy of a scientific refence manual at Jackson. Barton seemed to imply that this was going to be a rough hearing for Jackson.

It wasn’t. Barton didn’t even come back to question Jackson. The rest of his Republican colleagues were more in supplicant than oversight mode.

Many (most) GOP questioners seemed to be more interested in asking Jackson for favors concerning their parochial interests. No one — not even West Virginia firebrand David McKinley — pressed Jackson along the lines that Barton started.

It’s clear that House Republicans lack fire in their belly, knowledge of EPA’s regulatory over-reach and lack the ability to competently cross-examine Lisa Jackson.

It was a thoroughly disappointing and disheartening hearing.

No GOP-er on the Energy and Commerce Committee earned re-election with that performance. They are fortunate that the alternative (Henry Waxman, Ed Markey, et al.) is so unacceptable.

Tomorrow, Lisa Jackson will be testifying before the House Appropriations Committee on the 2013 budget. The Senate Environment and Public Works Committee hearing with Jackson, originally scheduled for March 2, has been postponed. So we’ll see what happens with those hearings.

Until then, read “Showdown at the EPA Corral.”

Click to watch the hearing.

5 thoughts on “Embarrassing: House GOP wimps out at EPA budget hearing”

  1. Once again the members of the Stupid Party have snatched defeat from the jaws of victory. EVERY incumbent should be summarily kicked out come November. Let’s start with that moron Boehner.
    God help us…..!!

  2. If you look at who is chairing the committee, this behavior should come as no surprise. It is none other than Fred Upton, whom you might recall championed the banning of the 100 watt incandescent light bulb. Upton was picked for the chairmanship by the collegial, go-along-to-get-along John “K Street” Boehner. With this kind of “leadership,” it is no wonder we are treated to spectacles like the one described above. Evidently 2010 was not enough. A fish rots from the head and we need a thorough housecleaning at the leadership level.

  3. But it is the Conservatives who are destroying the Republican party; if you believe the line they are putting out. The House is suppose to authorize spending but rather than cut spending they seem to be more interested in handing out candy to rouge agencies.

  4. Establishment Republicans are an embarrassing bunch. They care about their cushy jobs and that’s about it. Thank goodness the Conservatives are willing to do the heavy lifting… about the only group that will. It’s getting harder and harder to tell the difference between the two parties!

  5. this is most disappointing. if we hope to stop the epa from destroying the economy, it might be a good idea for the congressional republicans to prepare well and show up with their best game face.

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