Mann Kampf: Climate-change deniers cannot change the facts

Mann crows that the Climategate whitewashes have exonerated him.

Michael Mann writes to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette:

In his Feb. 26 column (“The Great ‘Warmist’ Caper”), Jack Kelly maligned my scientific work and repeated other discredited climate change myths from fossil fuel groups and the ideologues they fund.

Back in 2005, after an oil-funded politician had attacked my co-authors and me, Rep. Sherry Boehlert, R-N.Y., asked the National Academy of Sciences to review studies like mine that examined the Earth’s past temperature. Despite Mr. Kelly’s false claim to the contrary, the NAS reaffirmed our original findings (see e.g., “Science Panel Backs Study on Warming Climate,” New York Times, June 22, 2006) that modern temperatures are higher than they’ve been in more than a thousand years. Dozens of studies have since reproduced our findings. There are in fact numerous independent lines of evidence that humans are warming the planet and changing our climate by burning coal and other fossil fuels.

Mr. Kelly quotes an email stolen from my colleague Dr. Phil Jones. He failed to tell readers that multiple investigations have found that scientists’ words in those stolen emails were twisted and misrepresented, much as Mr. Kelly continues to do now.

Climate change deniers like Mr. Kelly have increasingly turned to personal attacks since the facts are not on their side. These attacks have gotten so out of hand that I felt compelled to add my own story to those of other scientists who have faced industry and ideological attack for their work in my new book, “The Hockey Stick and the Climate Wars: Dispatches from the Front Lines.”

Department of Meteorology
Penn State University
Penn State Earth System
Science Center
University Park, Pa [Emphasis added]

Read “Penn State’s Integrity Crisis.”

4 thoughts on “Mann Kampf: Climate-change deniers cannot change the facts”

  1. Shouldn’t the climate bunch ease Mikey Mann out of the picture. Mann is an out of control zealot. Everytime this guy talks to the press it illustrates that the climate hustle is all about a radical political agenda and the ‘science’ is just a fig leaf.

  2. The National Academy of Sciences did not study the actual evidence that Mr. Mann’s results probably resulted from weak statistics and poor data. Rather they reviewed published data not knowing the extent to which such publications were filtered and produced by a rather small clique of true believers.

    The NAS made asses of themselves when they recommended a non-standard formula for handling DNA evidence. They reversed themselves on that. The issue actually came up in the OJ Simpson trial.

  3. Someone should tell him the story of ‘chicken little’ or ‘the boy who cried wolf’. Those stories at least have some redeeming social value unlike Mr. Mann’s story of deception, conceit, and scientific malpractice. If he had of read these books as a child, there would be no need now to write a book denying fraud and blaming others. So the political winds blow away from Mr. Mann…. hey, wait a minute….. were those winds caused by global warming? Could be.

  4. So that’s what those multiple investigations found. FOIA faked all the E-mails and Mr. Kelly should be ashamed for pretendng they were written by the scientists. That’s nice. Now Dr. Mike, please calm down, return to your room, put your “safety jacket” back on and just keep repeating, “Naming Greenland “Greenland” is word twisting misrepresentation by the people who are out to get me.”

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