Is global warming killing football players?

“He found that football players have also grown larger since 1980.”

The Summit County Voice reports:

Many Americans don’t seem convinced that global warming is a problem, but if anything might get the general population riled up, it could be a new study from the University of Georgia suggesting that climate at least plays a partial role in the recent tripling of heat-related deaths among football players.

Before 1994, there was about one death per year, since then, the number has spiked to an average of three per year, according to an analysis of weather conditions and high school and college sports data conducted by researchers from the university.

To try and pin down the cause, they developed a detailed database that included the temperature, humidity and time of day, as well as the height, weight and position for 58 football players who died during practice sessions from overheating, or hyperthermia.

The study found that, for the eastern U.S., where most deaths occurred, morning heat index values were consistently higher in the latter half of the 30-year study period. Overall, Georgia led the nation in deaths with six fatalities.

“In general, on days the deaths occurred, the temperature was hotter and the air more humid than normal local conditions,” said climatologist Andrew Grundstein, senior author of the study and associate professor of geography in the UGA Franklin College of Arts and Sciences…

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4 thoughts on “Is global warming killing football players?”

  1. More Junkscience. I live in Georgia and the stupid school boards have been starting school in early August the past few decades instead of the Tuesday after Labor Day as the sensible time. Yes, August is our hottest month and has been that way for decades. Wealthy people had summer homes in the mountains to get away from the August heat one hundred years ago.

  2. So the lack of adaptation to individually warmer days is “Global Warming’s” fault? Did they correlate for earlier starts to the practice season? How about longer practice workouts resulting in more fatigue and susceptibility to environmental conditions? Have the deaths / 100,000 remained constant? I guess if you only look for one cause, that’s all you’re going to find….

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