Hightower: Congressional Republicans ‘hate unborn babies’

“GOP lawmakers are now howling to overturn the EPA’s mercury regulations.”

Jim Hightower writes in the Register Citizen (Litchfield, CT):

Why do the Republicans in Congress hate unborn babies?

Yeah, I know they profess to love the unborn. They even consider them to be “persons” from the very moment of conception.

Yet, whose interest do you think these same politicos have chosen to protect when it comes to regulating an especially nasty industrial toxin that threatens unborn babies?

That nasty substance is mercury, a neurotoxin that spews into our air from old, coal-burning electric power plants. This toxic mercury lands in water, where it’s turned into methylmercury, which builds up in fish. Many pregnant women unwittingly eat these contaminated fish, and the methylmercury messes terribly with the emerging nervous systems of their fetuses, producing babies with impaired IQs who are unable to think and learn as they should.

“Planned Parenthood,” an OtherWords cartoon by Khalil Bendib.

After 20 years of delay forced by lobbyists for utilities, the Environmental Protection Agency finally came out in December with regulations to control the mercury emissions from power plants. Hallelujah — save the babies!

But wait, the lovers of the unborn aren’t celebrating this move to stop industry from doing gratuitous damage to children’s IQs…

No one has ever lost an IQ point because of ambient mercury.

Read the entire screed.

3 thoughts on “Hightower: Congressional Republicans ‘hate unborn babies’”

  1. Where’s your proof? Mercury causes birth defects and spontaneous miscarriages! How many dead and deformed babies will make you happy?!!!

  2. They “love” unborn babies (developing human beings) as long as they can be used to further their agenda, otherwise they are merely ” noxious fetal tissue”

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