Hansen: ‘Even the skeptical scientists now agree’ the Earth is warming

We always have.

The Vancouver Sun reports:

The world needs an immediate reduction in the burning of fossil fuel to head off potentially disastrous effects from global warming, a prominent American scientist warned Sunday in Vancouver.

James Hansen, head of NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies and an iconic figure among climate researchers, said “even the skeptical scientists now agree” that Earth is undergoing a warming trend.

Hansen told the annual convention of the American Academy for the Advancement of Science that worldwide fossil fuel combustion has pushed the average global temperature up 0.8 degrees Celsius since the 1880s, a trend that could see ocean levels rising several metres by the end of this century…

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18 thoughts on “Hansen: ‘Even the skeptical scientists now agree’ the Earth is warming”

  1. James Hansen and the Nature Conservancy are working together on a program called Coastal Resilience. It has to do with sea level rise. Hansen puts out an exponential increase that crosses 1m in 2080. That is what the Nature Conservancy has shown here in Guilford, CT. Hansen’s chart continues to increase 4 more meters in the next 20 years. No one but me is talking about that here. Guess that would put off the locals that think this is a good thing. TNC is planning to acquire property in the threatened zone but 5m of rise would take 1/2 the town. They want to get legislation to restrict land use and rebuilding after storms to get landowners to give up their land. Can’t wait to see what the town’s reaction will be to the 16 feet they weren’t told by TNC. Can’t say I didn’t warn them.

  2. I think you are pretty close on this one (about Hansen at GISS). It is too bad people with scientific training turn out to be liars (and worse, data falsifiers – the worst thing a scientist can be). (www.informatron.info)

  3. I used to think Hansen was insane. Now I believe he is just another fanatic using any excuse to attain his goal. He has stated that the only way to save the Earth is with zero population. Not zero population growth–zero population as in no one home. Lying, cheating, making up his own data temp sets based on nothing real is one of his nefarious activities. Using his position as director of GISS to lend credence to his bizarre ideas is a conflict of interest. He should be removed. I’m not holding my breath. Nothing would please me more if Jimmy would offer himself up to be the first zero population advocate to kill himself to save our planet. Self immolation would probably get the most attention.

  4. The same old strawman, different presentation. There are no scientists that believe that we’re NOT coming out of a mini ice-age and warming, some say naturally, some say otherwise. Stop the nonsense before you end up in jail. Untold Billions have been wasted or stolen in relation to this AGW fraud, and quite frankly…..people have died. If you have no shame than how about self-interest? Political winds change quickly Hansen and people are justifiably angry at the perpetrators of this hoax. I for one hope you go down with the sinking AGW ship.

  5. As a mathematician and computer scientist, I have been studying the climate data for the last 3 years. My conclusion is that while the 19th Century was a cooling Wolf-Gleissberg half-cycle, the 20th Century was a warming W-G half-cycle. The warmed oceans and the expanded Great Warm Water Pool from the Indian Ocean through Indonesia and into the mid-Pacific, have caused the recent floods in Asia, Europe and elsewhere. However, there is now a transition to the cooler half-cycle, so I predict that the next century will be colder. The real crunch may begin by 2022, the next solar maximum. The sunspot cycle is longer now, which correlates with cooler weather. The Earth’s tilt is now changing near maximum rate to one where the outer Temperate Zones will be colder and the Equatorial Zone will be hotter. IF YOU LIVE IN EUROPE or the NORTHERN U.S., you may want to move Southward now and avoid the crush that will becoming.

  6. Sir, you would do well to heed St. Augustine’s warning.

    “Usually, even a non-Christian knows something about the earth, the heavens, and the other elements of this world.”

  7. As in Evolution,,,it’s called the Priority of the Paradigm.
    Notwithstanding all evidence to the contrary, it remains a fact.

  8. What Hansen is doing is not qualitatively different from lying. He is pretending that skeptics have claimed that the climate has not warmed during the past 150 years. He has had every opportunity to know that his claim is false, that no responsible scientists has ever claimed that warming was not occurring. The debate is and always has been about the cause of the warming. I cannot believe that Hansen is so ignorant that he does not know that. Ergo, he is lying.

  9. On further contemplation, I believe it was Pielke, Sr. who estimated an effect of around 20% for greenhouse gases. Sorry. So many skeptics in “the consensus” it’s hard to keep track.

  10. About a decade ago, it seemed apparent to me while running the numbers that the contribution of increased CO2 to temperatures was on the order of 15%-35%. Over the years, I have vacillated on my viewpoint of this, but the longer we study it, the more I believe the lower part of that range is the truth.

    Sad, actually, since I the older I get the more concerned I become about an impending fall back into a new Glacial Age, It would be nice to have some confidence that merely by burning Coal and Oil mankind could help allay the effects of the ravages of an Ice Age, but I don’t think that will be sufficient to help much.

  11. I have been studying the science behind the CAGW claims and writing about it in various outlets for over 15 years. Not once have I claimed that Earth has not warmed since 1880 or so, by 1F or thereabouts. I have argued that 1F is not significant, that it is a result of rebounding temperatures after the Little Ice Age, that any interpretation of records claiming substantially greater than 1F warming appears to be a distortion, that CO2 is not the major factor responsible for the warming, and a myriad of other similar and consistent positions.

    For Hansen to make up a pretend body of “scientists who now agree there has been warming” is just pretense. Scientists who have studied the situation in depth have always agreed Earth has warmed a trifle, but we maintain that there is not sufficient scientific evidence that the warming is Catastrophic, or Anthropogenic. Further, I maintain there is not sufficient technological prowess to rely on the computer models that are the alarmists only real supporting exhibit.

  12. You have to give Hansen credit for perserverance (or maybe psychosis?). No matter how much contrary evidence he’s faced with he continues to cling to his global warming fantasy.

  13. Trying to be talked into consensus again. The last best try to sum up the measurements says 60+% of land temp is up with 30+% land temp down. Sea surfaces (79% of earth) very slighly up. Upper atmosphere, unchanged. All within natural climate variation. Wish we could get a consensus to talk about the facts instead of the consensus. That’s where the problem starts.

    Spencer believes that greenhouse theory is the best explanation of how this earth keeps from freezing, he orignally estimated that about 20% of whaterver litlle warming at most could be attributed to greenhouse gases, and would be in that consensus that Hansen is claiming. Singer is responsible for setting the facts out in my first paragraph and could be said to be in Hansen’s consensus. What Hansen and all the 98%ers are doing is trying to hide their now proven inaccurate speculations under the cover of consensus in areas where none exists.. It is very, very much like you and I agreeing that we are human and my using that agreement to claim that you agree that humans are evil.

  14. Did AAAS have someone llike Dr. Fred Singer address their group to provide balance? I don’t think so. Having Hansen speak shows the organization is politicized and worthless.

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