Freedman: Top 5 Faux Careers To Avoid Discussing Global Warming

We agree that being an alarmist is embarrassing.

Alarmist Andrew Freedman writes at

…As much as I hate to admit, sometimes it’s simply easier to dodge a question about what I do for a living — or flat out lie — than to endure another heated argument.

I’m sure my wariness is shared by many fellow climate researchers and communicators. We share a bond with others whose work is controversial or unpopular — like personal injury attorneys, Goldman Sachs executives, and, judging from recent approval ratings, any member of Congress — and those who truly need a cover story, like CIA operatives.

So as a service to fellow climate professionals, here’s a ready-made list of the Top 5 socially acceptable — and conversation enabling — professions to fall back on in case you’re on a plane or at a cocktail party and are aiming for pleasant banter with strangers rather than a heated conversation about global warming…

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2 thoughts on “Freedman: Top 5 Faux Careers To Avoid Discussing Global Warming”

  1. Yeah; I wonder if Germain concentration camp gaurds during WW-II had similar issues (and stock professions to tell others about when asked “what do you do for a living?”). I can see the funny little article in the Berlin Press now as busy little brainwashed Germains hurried about their day as good little soldiers for the Great Cause….lol!

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