GOP to spar with EPA over mercury rules

“Republicans will take aim Wednesday at new national standards to limit mercury and other toxic air pollution from power plants.”

The Hill reports:

A House Energy and Commerce Committee panel will hold a hearing on the costs of the regulations, which the GOP has alleged will greatly burden the economy, cost jobs and potentially cause wide-spread power outages…

Gina McCarthy, EPA’s top air official, will testify at the hearing. McCarthy has worked to fight back against GOP attacks on the legislation, arguing they offer major health benefits and will not cause power outages.

Expect fireworks at Wednesday’s hearing, as Republicans bash EPA over the regulations and Democrats come to the agency’s defense.

Click for more hearing info, background docs and prepared testimony.

3 thoughts on “GOP to spar with EPA over mercury rules”

  1. “toxic air pollution” … “bash EPA” … “Democrats come to the agency’s defense” … This was written by an Obama campaign staffer.

  2. The EPA doesn’t have a CLUE! They write a list of supposed problems, put one hand over their eyes and point at the supposed problem and start making “rules”.

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