8 thoughts on “Fox Tests Volt, Runs Out Of Juice In Lincoln Tunnel”

  1. Don’t believe the lies. Chevy Volt is a great car. It’s saving me money. Put’s out less emissions than standard ICE. And I’m using a lot less foreign oil. I was spending $450 per month in gas, now just $20 in electricity. Would be $40 in electricity, but employer lets me charge for free as an incentive. God bless America, that we can build something that get’s us off foreign oil. I’ll say it like W… you’re either for the Volt, or for foreign oil. There you go…. line is drawn!

  2. the Volt could have been powered by zero emission nuclear electricity in France. Problem is the French are broke because of etatism and greenism long away, the rich that can afford such useless toy have fled to more tax-lenient pastures.

  3. You plug the Volt into a power outlet. The electricity comes from burning coal or natural gas, in power plants which belch vast volumes of planet-killing CO2.

    When the battery runs low, the CO2-belching gas-powered engine kicks in. At that point, you’re driving a gasoline-powered car that happens to have a big electricity generator attached. Basically, a portable power plant running on fossil fuel.

    This means the car is entirely powered by fossil fuels.

  4. I will never understand this elcetric car thought that electricty is free. Or green. How is it that anyone thinks that using elictricy to power a car is saving fossil fuel. I am no math major but I do understand that
    noone can create something from nothing. If we burn fossil fuel to make electricty at 50% effiency and then use the electricty to move a car at 50% effiency we end up with 25% effiency. Why not use the fossil fuel and get 50%

  5. can we say, “the chevy volt has geen grounded,”? .. i think so…
    my ford runs a hellofalot better than this government .. nov 2012 is gonna be time to flush some sewer rats..

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