Gingrich: EPA led by ‘amateur’

EPA isn’t led by amateurs. It’s led by professional socialists who understand that environmental regulation can be used to capture economic control and political power.

Politico reports that Gingrich said that the EPA doesn’t know anything about regulations in the real world, especially because the agency is led by “an amateur.” Gingrich explained:

I think there’s a virtue to having somebody who actually knows what they’re doing. We’ve tried three years of an amateur and it hasn’t been all that good an experience. We’ve had Republican presidents. We’ve had Republican presidents with a Republican congress. They didn’t change EPA. They slowed down the rate of decay. I think you’ve got to actually replace the agency if you’re going to make it work because I think the people in the agency are committed to a worldview that is incompatible both with our local freedoms and with free enterprise.

2 thoughts on “Gingrich: EPA led by ‘amateur’”

  1. Major point, Steve. The EPA is not run by not amateurs, but professional ideologues.
    Akin to Romney saying “Obama’s a nice guy… problem is he’s over his head.” Neither one of those are true.
    That Newt, an ex ‘Environmental Studies’ professors sees amateurism, instead of rank leftism, makes you wonder to what degree Newt is the “conservative alternative” as some have crowned him. On top of that, Newt’s message continues to be a muddle, even after this has been pointed for months up and down the blogisphere and foxisphere. Newt seemed to be on to something when he concisely drew the choice as between a “food stamp and a paycheck economy.” But that message seems to have gotten lost in the inept noises emanating from Newt’s floundering campaign.
    Jek Silberstein: scary premonition. Sometimes that’s what I see, too. Maybe it’s paranoid, maybe not. God help us.

  2. Yes, it’s a “nit”. Jackson is a dangerous O’bamunist, who’s agency is DESTROYING this country, BY DESIGN, imo. Smart/stupid, she’s following the Commie-playbook for Socializing this country. Hardly anything industrial moves, without her interferance. I pray daily, for her Confusion/change. I think she’s a piece of work,–hard for G-d to change, as HE allows us choice/free will. A bureaucrat doesn’t have to have “experience” to be destructive. Hitler’s Nazis started out as the “Greens” of their era, to many, the SS was their first, real job. I’m so glad that Gingrich dropped HayHOe from his book,–I think she’s been hitting the “Loco-weed” down there in Texas, comparing CO2 to an un-named poison! If that’s true, plants sure LOVE that kind of “poison!”. I think the GREENIE-Meanie-weenies are beginning to “wear” on people, –I sure HOPE so, but a bureau is like a soldier in a bunker. Unless they have to come up to fight, they keep hollowing-out the Economy, without worry or ceasing., building-up their fighting ability for the second-term, certain of victory, because the Clintins have influence(–or ownership) of the Spanish Vote-tallying firm, that will TABULATE ALL USA VOTES IN 2012, to give Nobama that second term, unless it has some sort of oversight, which it doesn’t now have. I predict a Nobama landslide, which will trigger Martial-Law, which the Commies WANT, because they’ll go on vacation, while FEMA holds their places for them. Congress goes home for 6 months, but why would Nobama let them come back, unless they agree to come back as Caligula’s Horse(s) in the Senate. In the interim, the FEMA-camps will start-up, but they’ll only process dead bodies there, as we’re to be gassed in the hopper-cars enroute. The vendors that set-up the piping in the rail-cars, are probably told, it’s to kill, “the ‘rats’ in the grain”, as indeed, the Communists consider us Capitalist “rats!” If the hopper-cars are air-tight, we’d all just suffocate, within the hour,–no need for piping and gas. As Communism is Satanic, PRAY that G-d overthrows them, and in Jesus’ Holy Name. Nobama’s Not the Anti-Christ, but he may as well be him, with what’s happening to this country, imo. Yes, get USED to it. Barrack H O’Bame, “Protector Against ‘Evil’ Capitalism”(–NOT!) and “President for Life”(“YEACH!”),–all due to Clinten’s Vote-tallying firm in Spain. I ‘ll BET Putin wouIdn’t allow vote-tabulation HERE for Russian elections, unless Jimmy Carter oversaw them! I could throw-up!

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