‘An Inconsistent Truth’ Still #1 at Box Office

Phil Valentine’s global warming movie (featuring the Junkman) is #1 at the box office for the second straight week!

The media release is below.



Film industry confounded, ‘An Inconsistent Truth’ top-grossing movie per screen for second week

Nashville, TN (February 6, 2012) – For the second straight week Phil Valentine’s global warming documentary, An Inconsistent Truth, is the top-grossing movie per screen in the country.


Hollywood was buzzing about the film W.E., a romantic drama directed by Madonna that focuses on the affair between King Edward VIII and American divorcée Wallis Simpson. Its limited release on 4 screens was supposed to be a slam dunk in per screen gross and garner wider distribution. An Inconsistent Truth played spoiler by besting the W.E. debut in An Inconsistent Truth’s second week out.

IndieWire, a film industry website, said An Inconsistent Truth “inexplicably continued to do solid business in its second weekend.” Hollywood seems to be confounded that an independent film that tells the other side of the global warming issue continues to pack theaters.

Of the large crowds that continue to turn out for the film The Nashville Scene observed, “the room was filled with the most vivacious and interactive movie-watching crowd I’ve experienced.” The movie is getting rave reviews on sites like Fandango.com and IMDb.com.

“It’s amusing to watch the consternation of those who don’t want this message out there,” Valentine said of the Hollywood head-scratching. “I believe this is one of the only movies, if not the only movie, that tells the other side that’s actually made it to theaters. The truth is loose and they don’t quite know what to make of it.”

‘Truth’ rolls out to more theaters this week in Nashville and opens at the Malco Cordova Theaters in the Memphis market on Friday February 17 before moving on to wider distribution. Valentine will be on hand for the Memphis premiere as will the film’s centerpiece, Bennie the BioBenz, a restored 1985 Mercedes-Benz that Valentine runs on biodiesel.

Ron Rodgers, president of Rocky Mountain Pictures, the film’s distributor, said “We are excited to be a part of Phil’s journey and to help him bring his movie and message to new markets around the country.”

The Phil Valentine show is syndicated on over 110 stations across the country. His website is http://PhilValentine.com. The movie website is http://AnInconsistentTruth.com.


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