French BPA ban will ‘jeopardise’ US exports – USDA

But the European Food Safety Authority has said that BPA poses no threat to health. reports:

A French ban on food packaging chemical Bisphenol-A (BPA) will “jeopardise” US exports to the European country, according to a US government report…

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Click for the EFSA on BPA.

One thought on “French BPA ban will ‘jeopardise’ US exports – USDA”

  1. Whatever the French SAY about allowing foods into their country, France subsidizes Food producers/small farmers (–that’s ONE of the reasons Food in France is generally acknowledged to be so good–NOT the Subsidy..but the fact that there are a lot of small, producers competing for the French food Euro), so they may SAY one thing, and DO…another, due to politics, imo. Instead of BPA, why not use food-grade hydrogen-peroxide, where possible?

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