Delingpole: How green zealots are destroying the planet:

“That’s why I call my new book Watermelons…”

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James Delingpole writes in the Daily Mail:

…As someone who loves long walks in unspoilt countryside and who wants a brighter future for his children, I’m sickened by the way environmental activists tar anyone who disagrees with them as a selfish, polluting, anti-science ‘denier’.

The real deniers are those ideological greens who refuse to look at hard evidence (not just pie-in-the-sky computer models which are no more accurate than the suspect data fed into them) and won’t accept that their well-intentioned schemes to make our world a better place are in fact making it uglier, poorer and less free.

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3 thoughts on “Delingpole: How green zealots are destroying the planet:”

  1. Maybe you should re-title it just “zealots”, if you people have your way, we will all be choking to death on polluted air, dying in droves from flaming, toxic tap water and being poisoned by everything we eat!

  2. I read Watermelons and thought it was pretty good. It formalizes many of my observations and experiences in dealing with radical enviros over the decades.

  3. The typical critic of Delingpole starts with the warming he perceives is happening (bombarded by media exposure saying it is true). It is true, but it is a natural warming from the sun, amplified by cosmic particles (cosmic rays or star dust). The skeptic must start with this fact, then go to the fact that CO2 is a plant food, good for plants, animals, and humans; then finally attack the CO2 theory (22 non-fiction books now do this, but few non-scientists read them.). The advocates are battling back with renewed vigor, but with the same old false arguments. The scientists have won this battle, but the secular debate still continues.

    I have a fictional novel just out called EXPOSURE that is a fast-paced action drama with the above logical sequence in the background – which exposes those pushing the false warming theory from within – in a manner that the average person can understand. This book may help turn the tide in the secular battle and can be ordered by a single click on my website where my credentials as a scientist and former advocate are revealed.

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