Confused about plastic bottles?

The Sarasota Tribune-Herald is not here to help.

The Tribune-Herald reports:

When our popular syndicated columnist Dr. Paul Donohue took on the complicated question of whether it’s safe to drink or eat from plastic containers, he mentioned that a “7” marked on the bottom of a container can indicate the presence of bisphenol A, known as BPA…

#7 plastic is usually polycarbonate and contains BPA. If you are in love with a particular #7 bottle, you could call the manufacturer to identify the plastic, but that might not make matters clearer. Learning, for instance, that the plastic is Tritan would not tell you enough. The “better safe than sorry” approach would be to avoid #7 altogether in my opinion.

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BPA is entirely safe.

2 thoughts on “Confused about plastic bottles?”

  1. Your local water system is the safest to drink. Some of the bottle water coming into the US A does not meet our water standards. Recent sample of Cleveland Ohio water system revealed it was safer than bottled water being sold in the region. Flocculation, Sedimatation, Filtration, Desinfection, Chemical additive, Deep bed filtration, Graular Activated Carbon, Reverse Osmosis, Ultrafiltration, Ozonation, Desalination, Asbestos Fibers…these are all methods of purifing your water.
    You can take a water source, put in a clear bottle, lay in a black painted box under direct sunlight and in about 6 hours it will be disinfected, However the bacteria, Virus, Cysts that the sun killed is still in the bottle- only it’s dead !! Pesticicide, Heavy metal, minerals, Nitrates, Arsenic-Iron-Manganese-etc are all in our water supplies.
    Our international space station use iodine and silver to purify it’s water supply. Be Safe-Check method of purification prior to drinking.
    Our international space station uses iodine and silver to purify it’s water suply.

  2. BPA proven safe for over 50 years. The green commies hate BPA because it is found in plastic, and used to in canning to prevent botulism. Plastic comes from petroleum. Petroleum is an evil substance that produces CO2 when burned. CO2 is slowly cremating the planet, therefore BPA is demonized to drive another stake in the heart of the world’s greatest energy source. I’m beginning to dislike these people.

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