Claim: Climate Change Could Cause Killer Hurricanes in NYC

The handiwork of insurance company consultant Kerry Emanuel.

U.S. News & World reports:

Climate change could cause unprecedented hurricanes to pound New York City and other coastal cities over the next hundred years, according to new research by scientists at Princeton University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Sea level rise and warmer water temperatures could potentially cause “a storm the likes of which have not been seen,” says Michael Oppenheimer, a geosciences professor at Princeton. A one-meter sea level rise, which scientists expect by 2100, would greatly increase the frequency of so-called “storms of the century,” which could occur closer to every 10 years if sea level rise isn’t stopped, the research says…

This is the first study in which Kerry Emanuel was forced to disclose his insurance industry employment — ignored of course by the reporter.

Here’s how the insurance industry plans to make money from global warming.

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