Chesser: Will DOE’s Fisker Doubts Take Down Its Battery Supplier Too?

“After luxury electric automaker Fisker announced 65 layoffs and a work stoppage from the refurbishment of a former General Motors plant in Delaware earlier this week, NLPC wondered whether its battery supplier and business partner A123 Systems would be harmed also.”

Paul Chesser writes at

Now Wall Street analysts are wondering the same thing, and the beleaguered lenders at the Department of Energy must be deeply concerned about what they will do next. As Forbes reported yesterday, the close ties between the two speculative companies could produce “two Solyndras for the price of one.”

Read Chesser’s entire commentary.

2 thoughts on “Chesser: Will DOE’s Fisker Doubts Take Down Its Battery Supplier Too?”

  1. Gotta wonder what Obama will say about this in his battle to be re-elected. ‘Well, they were green jobs while they lasted.’ ‘The technology was ahead of its time.’ ‘I was misled by John Holdren and he will be fired as soon as I’m re-elected.’ Maybe we should have a betting pool.

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