Challenge to Eileen Censullo: Show us a body

As president of the Pennsylvania Society for Respiratory Care, Eileen Censullo ought to be able to show us someone whose health has been harmed by ambient air quality.

Censullo writes in “Reduction in mercury emissions long overdue” at the Daily Times (Delaware County, PA):

… Every day, respiratory therapists see firsthand how poor air quality impacts their patients. Members of the Pennsylvania Society for Respiratory Care work directly with patients living with chronic respiratory diseases that require ongoing treatment and at times, intensive care and therapy. Pollutants like the ones emitted by coal-fired power plants (mercury, benzene, formaldehyde, acid gases and more) can make even the healthiest person ill. For respiratory patients, breathing these air toxins greatly exacerbates their disease symptoms while also increasing their need for emergency medical care…

Show us one, Eileen.

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3 thoughts on “Challenge to Eileen Censullo: Show us a body”

  1. Actually YES! The coal mine disaster of a couple of years ago was caused by our government messing with the ventilation system in the mine and the methane gas was not vented properly.

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