Browner: Climate change to make Florida ‘disappear’

Florida voted for Obama in 2008. We’ll see what it does this year.

The Gainesville Sun reports:

Florida as we know it — beaches, fresh drinking water, the Everglades — will disappear unless action is taken to curb climate change, national environmental leader Carol Browner said at a dinner Friday night.

“Doing nothing simply spells disaster,” said Browner, a University of Florida law graduate, Miami native and former administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency. “We have to get started. Further delay will only make it more difficult and more expensive”…

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6 thoughts on “Browner: Climate change to make Florida ‘disappear’”

  1. It is outrageous that Browner, a principle in the Albright Group, stands to make millions (or already has) off the global warming hoax as a “consultant”. This blatant conflict of interest would have been exposed once the Republicans took the House in late 2010 had she not stepped down. IMHO it should still be advertised.

  2. Since the climate is doomed already (according to Al Gore), all the liberals who believe this will be moving out of Florida, and soon?

  3. Wow. I thought the warmists had given up on this miserable trope. Haven’t even heard this from Gore lately.

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