Claim: New EPA Rules to Reduce Mercury in Fish

How? less than 0.5% of atmospheric mercury os from U.S. power plant emissions. Seventy percent (70%) are from Gaia — which EPA is not regulating.

FOX-8 (Cleveland) reports:

New federal standards will regulate toxic air and water emissions from coal-fired power plants, which doctors say put locals — especially children — at risk.

“The mercury and our toxic standards were at least 20 years overdue, so keeping this promise to keep children from mercury pollution is extremely important,” said Susan Hedman, regional administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency.

The new rules will stop 90 percent of mercury and 80 percent of acid base emissions, leading to better quality fish, Hedman said…

Read the entire report.

3 thoughts on “Claim: New EPA Rules to Reduce Mercury in Fish”

  1. BTW… where did those stats come from? Particularly the 0.5% figure? No disrespect but I have been way more aggresive on checking numbers of late. Too many magic number being bandied about. If you would email me at untrusted3(at)chuckandwarlita.(cee-ooo-em.). [sorry about the address silliness but I’ve be bot scraped and blasted before on other blogs]

  2. The EPA is mostly moot these days. Our air and water are cleaner than ever so there’s less and less need for this massive bureaucracy. So what do they do? Simple. Just keep moving the goal posts. It’s time to delete most if not all of the EPA. Overdue actually.

  3. I grew up in a building that was heated with a coal furnace, and stored coal in the basement. I’m just fine except for a large disdain for all things EPA.

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