Wind, solar as mutual back-ups?

So what will happen on calm nights?

The Minneapolis Star-Tribune reports:

Wind power needs a breeze. Solar power relies on sun rays. And they don’t always occur at the same time.

So a renewable energy developer is putting Minnesota’s largest solar power array in the heart of the state’s wind-farm region in hopes of answering a question:

Could one intermittent power source complement another and produce electricity more reliably?…

3 thoughts on “Wind, solar as mutual back-ups?”

  1. With the current sky-rocketing energy costs combined with growing concerns about global warming and fuel shortages more and more people are considering wind, solar power and other renewable energy sources for their homes. Solar powered homes are growing in popularity all across North America and the UK. This is great news for the environment, but it is also good news for your wallet as well!

  2. “So what will happen on calm nights?” The lights will go out.

    The real question behind the question in the report: Can the scam of green power still yield the high returns of taxpayer money it once had in its “better” times? Perhaps long enough for another green power “contractor” to retire to the Cayman Islands rather than to Federal Prison.

    When will Weeee the People wake up and send the Green thugs of all colors out of town and out of our lives? I know I have had way more than enough for decades.

  3. And we still need the 20 year battery for storage. 3-4 battery systems are a waste of time and money.

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