Skeptics draws big crowd in Portland

Only one from the Nonsensus stood to be heard.

The Oregonian reports,

More than 400 people jammed into a Portland hotel ballroom Wednesday night to hear a panel of global warming skeptics assert that manmade increases in greenhouse gases are not driving climate change.

The event, hosted by the 150-member Oregon chapter of the American Meteorological Society, was open to the general public and drew an attentive and mostly sympathetic audience. Chapter President Steve Pierce asked for a show of hands beforehand, then estimated that 90 percent of the crowd favored the statement that human activities are not the main cause of global warming.

Three Oregon-based panelists — physicist Gordon Fulks, meteorologist Chuck Wiese and former Oregon state climatologist George Taylor — used long- and short-term temperature measurements and other data to bolster their case…

In the question-and-answer period afterward, all but one of the questioners sided with the panelists. Andreas Schmittner, a researcher at Oregon State University who recently published a study analyzing the climate’s reaction to carbon dioxide levels, was the lone dissenter.

“Most scientists who are actively working in the field have very different opinions than what I’ve heard tonight,” he said. “C02 is a very important driver.”

Read the entire Oregonian report.

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