Shock: FERC cedes control of power grid to EPA

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission will allow EPA to decide which power plants must stay online to ensure electricity reliability.

In a “Staff White Paper on the Commission’s Role Regarding Environmental Protection Agency’s Mercury and Air Toxics Standards,” FERC staff conclude:

This White Paper provides staff’s position on how the Commission should advise the EPA under the EPA’s Policy Memorandum. As stated in the EPA Policy Memorandum, whether or to what extent the EPA considers or relies on the Commission’s comments, and whether to grant an AO to an owner/operator, will rest entirely with the EPA. This white paper outlines a proposal that would provide a fair, timely, and transparent process for the Commission to advise the EPA on requests for extension of time to comply with EPA’s MATS rule applying the Commission’s expertise on reliability issues as appropriate in this context. We seek comments on this process.

Where is Congress or do regulatory agencies get to just divide up the world as they see fit?

2 thoughts on “Shock: FERC cedes control of power grid to EPA”

  1. Once again the fleecing of the american people under the scam of enviromentalism is being conducted. When will we wake up? Have we come full circle? I see it as being no different than the salem witch trials where the only evidence required was the word witch and you were condemed. Here the word is man made global warming and suddenly we are guilty. The religion of enviromentalism only requires for some obscure scientist? to pronounce the dire predictions of manmade global warming and it must be so. What a scientist says and what science can prove seem not to matter (see earlier statement-fleecing of the american people)

  2. We elect servants to represent us in Congress but once there they give their authority to the agencies and concentrate on enriching their benefits and retirement programs. We are no longer a Constitutional Republic.

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