Report: It’s been a warm January, but warmest?

Warmer, cooler, what difference does it make?

MSNBC reports,

… Sure, this last month has been warmer than average across the lower 48 states, but the record for warmest January was set just six years ago in January 2006 and it’s too soon to tell if that will fall.

Deke Arndt, chief of the National Climatic Data Center’s monitoring service, told that he can’t rule out a record. “It’s too early for us to call shots” on just where January 2012 will end up, he said, “but it has been quite warm so far and we expect it to finish in the top 15 or 20,” based on records dating back to 1895. The official report for January comes out on Feb. 7, he added…

Read the entire MSNBC report.

One thought on “Report: It’s been a warm January, but warmest?”

  1. Now I assume they are talking about the lower 48 states. I have been watching temperatures in London, Dublin, and Sydney all month. I think the EU and Australia have been having been having a cold January.

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