Seattle Post-Intelligencer: Skeptic site a ‘scumbag’

Hats off to for driving the comrades crazy.

Seattle Post-Intelligencer reporter Joel Connelly writes in “Scumbags: Our nastiest, most relentlessly negative political voices“:

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Sifting through a political writer’s e-mail press releases at the start of each day and week is a job akin to handling moldy garbage.

Displayed on the screen is the darker side of the American dream . . . fear-based missives underscoring the pettiness and meanness infecting all levels of our politics.

Let pretentious news organizations do Factcheck meters. Out of many Monday rituals comes one reporter’s Scumbag List, a bipartisan dishonor roll of our most relentlessly negative political voices. The grimace-inducing gallery:…

–Climate Depot: Emerging from this web site are attacks, often crude but sometimes sophisticated, designed to create doubt about climate change. In charge is a former aide to Sen. Jim Inhofe, R-Oklahoma, who pronounced global warming a “hoax.”

The site deploys scattergun attacks. It sneers at “power elites” and such prominent greens as ex-Vice President Al Gore and actor Leonardo DiCaprio. (Big Oil and Big Coal are apparently not part of these “elites”.) It debunks public investment in alternative technologies (“green failures”). It suggests, against all evidence compiled by the U.N. and NOAA, that the Arctic ice pack is not shrinking and “Global Cooling Coming?”…

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