Drilling could jump-start N.Y. economy

“Regardless of your position in the debate over using hydraulic fracturing to develop shale gas resources, here’s something we can all agree on: New York state needs an economic jump-start. Local businesses that have supported communities for years are now struggling to survive.”

Engineering consultant Mark Lauriello writes at PressConnects.com

At a time when companies in other states are laying off workers, we are proud to be hiring hardworking men and women from Pennsylvania to support our business. A few “real world” examples of the kind of economic benefits shale gas can provide:

» Added more than 200 new jobs since June 2010.

» Expanded our facilities, which generated more than $4.5 million for local contractors and other vendors.

» Purchased 75 new vehicles to support our growth.

» Established a charitable giving fund of $100,000 and have participated in numerous local charity events, including “Relay for Life” and local food banks.

» Created a scholarship endowment at Penn State University…

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