More Whining: MIT Climate Scientist’s Wife Threatened In A ‘Frenzy of Hate’

Mother Jones reports on alleged reaction to the series of stories ran last week about MIT climate alarmist and ersatz Republican Kerry Emanuel.

Mother Jones reports,

… In one clip, Kerry Emanuel says, “It makes me feel to some extent disgusted with politics and to some extent ashamed to be an American.”

The comments were seized upon, Emanuel suspects, by “bloggers bent on distorting that message and amplifying it.” One website, Climate Depot, posted Emanuel’s email address…

Another website, Junk Science, raised questions about his wife’s anti-war feelings in the 1960s.

“Somebody came to the conclusion that back in the 60s she was a Marxist – which she was back then,” Emanuel said. He notes that “conservative heroes of today like Norman Podhoretz [and] Jeane Kirkpatrick” were also socialists in the 60s. “So I don’t quite know what the problem was there!”

Of course, Podhoretz and Kirkpatrick didn’t renounce their U.S. citizenship.

Click for last week’s series:

6 thoughts on “More Whining: MIT Climate Scientist’s Wife Threatened In A ‘Frenzy of Hate’”

  1. Back in the late 1980’s I talked with the NASA engineer that said he invented the “ozone hole” to gain government funding

  2. Kerry Emanuel carefully implies that his wife is now a reformed 60’s Marxist, but really doesn’t say if in fact she is now a reformed Marxist. It appears that she has gone from 60’s Marxist to a modern day Limousine lib given the family’s alarmism profiteering.

    Anyway these 2 are about as much Repubican as James Carville

  3. We can’t at least pretend to care that he and is family are being threatened by crazies? Nice people..

  4. Jeff, I rather doubt that anyone has been threatened. However, it does seem like the Emanuels have come up with a tactic to deflect from the original issue which was that Kerry is flogging climate alarmism in order to profit from his insurance interests.

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