Mann blames low audience turn-out on weather

The Gore Effect strikes Michael Mann?

Mann blames low attendance for a Jan. 23 climate lecture on the weather (about 4 minutes into the clip).

We’re not sure what he’s referring too, however — it seems to have been relatively balmy For State College that day.

7 thoughts on “Mann blames low audience turn-out on weather”

  1. I think people are understanding that it was not Joe Paterno who soiled the reputation of Penn State. It is Michael Mann and the administrators who fail to adequately investigate climate gate.

  2. It’s got to be a stark realization that no one believes you anymore, and even worse, that the signature accomplishment of your life, the hockey stick graph, is looked upon as an example of voodoo-science and social engineering attempting to hijack the human race in pursuit of an unnecessary and unachievable goal.

  3. The beginning of the video shows how incredibly sparse the attendance was. And in a nice cozy room at that. Blaming the weather? Hansen obviously overestimates his popularity by a wide margin, which amounts to self-delusion.

  4. I really wanted to hear what he had to say but it was taking too long to introduce him. It’s at Penn State and everyone in the room should have a casual familiarity with his reputation. But then again, liberals love to publicize their credentials because they say so much about their high opinion of themselves.

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