Hansen: Put fossil fuel ‘kingpins’ on trial…

… for “high crimes against humanity and nature.”

James Hansen writes in an affadavit supporting the effort to reveals the funder(s) of the UK-based Global Warming Policy Foundation:

… The fossil fuel kingpins who profit from the public’s fossil fuel addiction, some of them multi-billionaires, are loosely knit, but with a well-understood common objective of maintaining the public’s addiction. These kingpins have the resources to be well aware of the scientific knowledge concerning the consequences of continued exploitation of fossil fuels. However, they choose not only to ignore those facts, but to support activities intended to keep the public ill-informed. These kingpins are guilty of high crimes against humanity and nature. It is little consolation that the world will eventually convict them in the court of public opinion or even, unlikely as it is, that they may be forced to stand trial in the future before an international court of justice

Click to read Hansen’s “Cowards in Our Democracies: Part 1” and his affadavit.

8 thoughts on “Hansen: Put fossil fuel ‘kingpins’ on trial…”

  1. And the fraud is perpetuating the pseudo science of global warming. The earth has gone through extremes of heating and cooling due to the solar activity, not carbon output from coal plants. How stupid is stupid? He should along with Gore and the other monkeys should be charged with fraud for stealing taxpayers money under false pretenses misuse of public funds.

  2. There is a high crime here and its not against nature. Its deception for financial gain, otherwise known as fraud.

  3. Oh wait … willfully ignorant and grand inquisitor aren’t mutually exclusive. Just look at Hansen.

  4. Someone on another site objected to the comaparision to Lysenkoism in that recent WSJ opiniion signed by 16 scientists. Claimed the warmists were powerless only able to get one guy removed as an editor and no one was about to criminalize skepticism. That someone was either willfully ignorant or a would be inquisitor.

  5. It takes a supreme affliction of hubris to elevate one’s creed to a level where disagreement constitutes a crime against humanity and nature. We can only hope that Hansen will eventually be taught some difficult lessons involving humility. And his coercive wealth-redistribution scheme shows that he should not stray into economics.

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