Hansen: Planet heading toward ‘ice-free state’

“We would be sending our climate back to a state we haven’t adjusted to as a species.”

The Conversation blog reports,

Last December’s meeting of the American Geophysical Union featured three of the world’s leading climate scientists: James Hansen (NASA’s chief climate scientist), Elco Rohling (National Oceanography Centre, Southampton) and Ken Caldeira (Stanford School of Earth Science). But it was Hansen who attracted the most attention when he stated:

“If you doubled CO₂, which practically all governments assume we’re going to do, that would eventually get us to the ice-free state” and “We would be sending our climate back to a state we haven’t adjusted to as a species”…

As atmospheric CO₂ is reaching a level unknown for the last three million years, the disconnection between science and the human response is growing. Despite warnings over the last 30 years, we are still developing global infrastructures to extract every economically accessible ton of coal, barrel of conventional or shale/sand oil and cubic meter of natural gas and coal-seam gas.

Contrarian claims by sceptics, misrepresenting direct observations in nature and ignoring the laws of physics, have been adopted by neo-conservative political parties. A corporate media maintains a “balance” between facts and fiction. The best that governments seem able to do is devise cosmetic solutions, or promise further discussions, while time is running out.

Good planets are hard to come by.

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7 thoughts on “Hansen: Planet heading toward ‘ice-free state’”

  1. He seems ignorant that Northern hemisphere mid latitude ( 25 north to 75 north) are forecasted to be their coldest in over 30 years in the coming 2 weeks ( globe forecast to -.5C day 8.5 through 16) and that co2 with a specific gravity of 1.5 and air with 1.0 dont mix well. SO poorly in fact there is record satellite era cold at 400 mb, precisely where the trapping hot spots are supposed to be!

    By the way.. Dr Hansen, an el nino is coming on this fall and winter.. will lead to a nasty winter next year in the US (double ninas followed by el nino produce bad winters, the worst in the cold pdo as we are in now). Try to resist saying this will be a super nino. Everytime you try it, you are a) wrong and b) seem unaware, like you are in many things as you blindly pursue this foolishness, THAT BY FORECASTING THE NINO AND ITS SPIKE you are ADMITTING IT IS THE OCEAN THAT DRIVES THE PLANETS TEMPS/

    If you want to watch the projections, Dr Ryan Maue’ site updates 4 times daily with links above

  2. Hansen’s prognostication record has reached par with Paul Ehrlich, who is 0 for 6 score. Perhaps he should quit while he is still a teenie bit ahead of the reverse Cassandra.

  3. “CO2 is reaching levels unknown to humans” – Bullshit. It’s only 350ppm or so. Life has survived at over 7000ppm. These scientists need to study history.

  4. Leave the politics to the politicians, Jim. And while you’re at it, leave the science to the scientists.

    “Contrarian claims by sceptics, misrepresenting direct observations in nature and ignoring the laws of physics ….” Now there’s some looking glass fiction for “balance.”

  5. The one train of Homo sapiens that has ensured its survival through ice ages, droughts, famines, and volcanic winters is its adaptability. We now have permanent residents on all 7 continents – including Antarctica – in all types of biomes from tundra to desert.
    The price of lack of adaptability is extinction. If Hansen feels adaptation to a slightly warmer climate is too challenging, perhaps he should withdraw from the game.

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