NY village to consider moratorium on fracking

Fracking is falling victim to mob-ocracy.

The Little Falls Times reports,

“We support what the towns and city are doing, and to show that support maybe the village should pass a moratorium of its own,” said Mayor Bruce Lyon. “It would be a good way to show that we are in favor of their efforts and that we, too, do not approve of fracking or want the pollution from it.”

“It would send a message that we are all in favor of making it illegal and that we do not want it in our towns or villages,” said Trustee Donna Loucks. “It would show we are all in agreement.”

Marrero and Yomboro invited the board members and mayor to attend a public information session sponsored by the Little Falls Common Council on Tuesday, Feb. 14, at 6 p.m. at the Little Falls Senior and Community Center at 524 E. Main St., Little Falls. They said David Slottje, senior attorney with the Ithaca-based Community Environmental Defense Council, has been invited to present information on the controversial practice and how to ban it through the use of amended zoning laws.

“Fracking is bad news and we don’t want it in our village” said Dolgeville resident Anne Wavra. “I ask that the village get a moratorium in place as soon as possible. We need to keep it out.”

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