Brainless Branson: Biofuels (Part 1)

The very fortunate Richard Branson should just take his money and run.

Here’ part of an interview of Branson by the San Francisco Chronicle to push his new book:

Todd: I understand that you’re a converted climate skeptic, largely thanks to Al Gore. Can you talk a bit about what your companies are doing for climate change, things like your clean fuel development program and also the Earth Challenge?

Branson: 100 percent of the profits that Virgin Group takes from our airlines, we put into investments in clean energy. One of those areas is to try to come up with an alternative fuel for planes and we’ve got three different areas we’re looking at there, one is algae-based, one is isobutanol, and the other one is a fuel that literally comes out of the waste chimneys of steel plants and aluminum plants and we turn that into aviation fuel. And personally I think that the aviation industry will go from being a dirty industry to one of the cleanest industries in the world very rapidly because we’ve only got 1700 petrol pumps to fill around the world to look after all airlines. And I think the breakthrough for clean fuel on airlines is happening quite rapidly…

Biofuels are such a total loser that the industry can only foist them upon the hapless military and consumers through mandates.

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