Wind operators to plan around bats?

“When the wind blows” may no longer be enough for wind turbine operators; it may have also have to be “when the bats don’t fly.”

The U.S. Forest Service claims to have developed an interactive tool to “help” wind operators minimize bat fatalities.

One can easily imagine federal regulations requiring such technology, rules prohibiting operations when bats are likely to fly and/or heavy penalties for whacking bats out of the night sky.

5 thoughts on “Wind operators to plan around bats?”

  1. Bats are of significantly more use to me than wind turbines, and they don’t require a subsidy.

  2. Now if they can figure a way for the couple thousand of raptors that get slice & diced by the windmills to not fly in the area they will be on to something. Better yet, let’s forget about using windmills for power for the grid and the price of electricity will drop. Renewable energy is myth, just like green jobs.

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